Going Forward, it’s not about who wins, but how we react to it

3 Nov
What is known, what can we do for ourselves and for our communities?

What is known:

  • This is probably one of the most significant US elections of our lives.
  • It’s not just about the US.  It impacts global politics, the environment, and power dynamics.  
  • We are going through this as a human race, and the rest of the world is interested and impacted.  
  • We won’t know the final result for days, if not weeks.
  • It will likely be a tumultuous and speculative time in the interim.
  • Results (beyond casting our votes, if we have the privilege of doing so), are beyond our personal control.

What we can do for ourselves:

  • Vote if you have the right (and responsibility).  Make your voice heard.
  • Have a positive view around what you hope will happen – it’s better than living in fear.
  • Decide whether and how you will engage in monitoring news of the outcome in the coming days or weeks.
  • Let go of the illusion of your personal control over the outcome and future speculation.  Stay in the present moment.
  • Get on with your life before knowing which way the election goes.  Keep focus on important things that excite you. 
  • Acknowledge your feelings (if you are disappointed, fearful, angry, stressed, anxious, uncertain, sad, or in disbelief), but don’t indulge in them.
  • Then get on with the things that matter most in your life.

What we can do for our communities:

  • Recognize that we are in this together … either way.
  • Encourage open, conscious, respectful dialogue.
  • Avoid retrenching to discussion with only others with shared beliefs.
  • Don’t accept or sanction violent protest as a course for change.
  • Find your passion to be heard and make a difference going forward.

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