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We’re All Looking for the As

31 Mar

I like the letter A … my name starts with it … and ends with it.  And we’re all looking for it.  The 4 As, that is:

  • Acceptance
  • Approval
  • Appreciation
  • Applause

It’s that simple.  

And while I’m on the alphabet roll … my suggestion is to avoid the Ms (even though my last name starts with an M):

  • Manipulate
  • Meddle
  • Mother
  • Martyr

It’s that simple too.

I guess I could go on and on elaborating on each … but I’m sure that if you pause for a moment to reflect on it, you’ll find there’s a lot of wisdom behind the simplicity of the AMs.

Curious to know what you think …

Anna Minto

Founder & CEO, Transformational Change

Executive Coach & Collaborator, You Are Possible